Accomplishments 2018 - 2019

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  • Back To School Night:  GMS held a pre-Back To School Night event on August 29th with parents, students, and staff to inform everyone of student expectations and on-line access in increase parent involvement.  We also had volunteers help parents register their children for the new GMS Magnet.

  • Banquet Event:  Senior awards banquet and lunch for approximately 100 GMS students during periods 3 and 4 on April 30th.  In addition to providing and serving lunch, the students from TIME Club and Club Connections organized activities and gave out awards for numerous teachers, staff, and students.

  • Board of Advisors: Held two Board meetings and added new members to help with professional and technical training for our students by industry professionals.

  • Buddy Meeting:  Held a get-to-know-you meeting on September 21st to start connecting our GMS seniors and freshmen for a Senior/Freshmen Buddy and Mentorship program in the Multi-Purpose Room.  Next year, we are planning on having the seniors present their Senior Portfolio Defense to the freshmen so the 9th graders can start planning early and know what to expect in their senior year.

  • CTE Student Showcase:  On Saturday, May 18th, our CTE teachers took six students to the Los Angeles Trade Technical College for an all-day student showcase.  Our KCAV student crew demonstrated our live student broadcasting programming and weekly television news broadcast to other students, community members, and industry partners attending the trade and career fair.   

  • ECCCO (Exploring College, Career, and Community Options) workbooks: We continued utilizing the workbooks in our GAIMS elective classes for college and career preparation and awareness.

  • Experience Day:  Organized and hosted an all-day “Experience” for 8th graders on Saturday, October 6th,to come to the Media Center and make short films with other young people from across the Valley.  The students also got the chance to work with equipment, learn from industry professionals, and meet staff, current GMS students and alumni.  We also provided lunch and then had a screening of the films they made.  

  • Field Trips (seven excursions):

  • All Grades – Dr. Phil taping at Paramount studios for the AP Psychology class in Hollywood on October 1st with 40 students.

  • CSUN field trip on February 12th for 40 of our 10th graders who were able to conduct research for their narrative film project after receiving training on how to conduct academic research in Oviatt Library.  Students were then given a guided tour of CSUN’s Cinema and Television Arts (CTVA) Department which Variety magazine listed this year as one of the top 30 film programs in the world.

  • Nickelodeon field trip on February 22th for 45 Animation students who were able to work with mentors on character design.

  • LA Valley College Orientation and Studio tour for GMS students, grades 9-12, to create a short film, learn what LA Valley College offers, and tour their Communication studios.

  • NFL Network with 15 students on April 4th to tour the national football television broadcasting studio in Culver City.

  • Warner Bros. Entertainment “Creative Career Day” with seven students on Warner Bros. lot who participated in interactive presentations, conversations with mentors, and a tour of the lot.

  • Warner Bros. Entertainment field trip on May 28th with 12 students for winning the film project in the “Film Noir” contest.  The film was also screened with student interviews.

  • Film and Cultural Festival (Fall) – on December 4th, over 300 students and parents attended our Cultural Food Fest that was from 4-6pm with student’s cultural food booths.  From 6-8pm, we had live student groups performing cultural songs and dances and then film presentations. Several of our Advisory Board (industry professional) members were present and the evening ended with a raffle drawing for $100.

  • Guest Speakers (five presentations): 

  • -- Lou Pepe, director and cinematographer (“The Bad Kids”, “Lost in La Mancha”) spoke about his work and discussed careers in the film industry.

  • -- Babar Ali, Pakistani filmmaker, IYMS Board member and winner of a UN Plural+ Award - presented his short film “Bakshu” to the Media classes.  He had Q&A sessions with each class, then invited faculty and selected students to join in a Pakistani luncheon that he had prepared. 

  • -- Michelle Shahryar, IYMS participant and former Cleveland student, spoke to the AP Psychology class regarding mental health issues and then presented her Health public service announcement (PSA) from the 2017 IYMS Summit in Sweden.

  • -- Michael Mazzola, independent filmmaker, spoke to several GAIMS film classes on his approach to documentary filmmaking, and showed them clips from the documentary he directed and edited, “Unacknowledged” about evidence of beings from other planets visiting our earth. 

  • -- Tim Lovestedt is a graduate of Cleveland High School and currently works as an independent film and television writer (“Megan Leavey”, “LEGO Batman”, “Last Man on Earth”).  He spoke to GMS students about elements of story structure as well as tips for a career in the film and television industry.

  • International Youth Media Summit (IYMS): After the 13th successful IYMS Summit in Sydney, Australia, staff and the TIME club continued working, organizing, and fundraising for the 14th IYMS in Pokhara, Nepal July 26 – August 10, 2019.   Four current or former Cleveland students and five staff members attended the Summit. Several of the participants traveled to Nepal early to either help One Youth set-up a computer lab and library for needy students in the Himalayan mountain village of Dhading, or worked on a film project being produced by IYMS Films.

  • International Youth Media Day:  On Saturday, March 9th, GMS held its first annual celebration on Cleveland’s campus and connected 21 different countries around the globe to show the power of youth, media and the arts to communicate, inspire and entertain.  There were student performances from four schools, live music, photography training by Cannon USA, film training, art exhibits, and international food for sale.  Over 300 students, parents, and community members came to the celebration.  

  • International Youth Media Day project received an LAUSD award on May 14th from School Board Member Schmerelson to acknowledge students who coordinated Human Relations activities among various clubs (TIME and Club Connections) and the International Youth Media Day to engage students, parents, and local businesses in local school social issues.

  • Israeli Student Delegation:  Organized and hosted a student exchange for nearly two-dozen students from an arts school in Israel on October 4th.

  • LA Satellite Summit (July 9-13):  The event was hosted at Cleveland High School with 30 young people making movies together about urgent social issues. 

  • Mentor Program:  Cindy Sardo (for on-air broadcasting) visited the television broadcast class (KCAV) weekly; as well as coaching the 12th graders for their senior portfolio projects.  

  • Mock Job Interviews: Conducted mock interviews on February 28th for 50 of our 11th graders who were interviewed by 8 volunteers.  Our 11th grade class teachers helped prepare the students by conducting resume and interview training before the event to prepare them for summer internships.

  • One Youth Fundraiser:  On Sep 7th, TIME Club and Club Connections held a fundraiser for One Youth, an organization in Nepal that sets-up computer and learning labs for needy children.  We screened One Youth’s documentary of their work in Nepal and the PSAs from IYMS 2018 in Sydney. TIME also assisted in organizing a private evening fundraiser on September 29th.    We reached our goal of raising enough money to have the US delegates team up with One Youth and fund a new computer lab for disadvantaged youths in Nepal before the IYMS 2019 Summit began in Pokhara, Nepal. 

  • Open House:  Held a pre-Open House meeting with parents before the Open House on March 28th.  During the Open House, we presented the GMS program and discussed student expectations with parents and students before showcasing some of the student’s video projects.

  • Potlucks:  GMS students held a potluck at the end of each semester to celebrate our successes and enjoy some great food after school. 

  • Safe School Summit at USC:  We organized to send two students to be on the panel for the USC National Safe Schools Digital Summit on Oct 24th.  The students were on the panel with a survivor of the Parkland High School shooting in Florida.  We also sent a camera crew to film the Summit that was sponsored by the L.A. Mayor's Office of Public Safety and the Director of the Safe Communities Institute at USC.

  • Senior Portfolio and Defense:  Continued planning and organizing for the Seniors to begin their Portfolio Defense next year.  On May 29th, we had two current seniors showcase the Portfolio Defense during 3rd period for the seniors next year so they know what to expect. 

  • Staff Professional Development (PD): In addition to the weekly grade-level meetings held throughout the year for staff PD, curriculum design, and collaborative planning, GMS held a PD retreat on Saturday, June 8.  We conducted planning for the upcoming year, collaborated on interdisciplinary projects and field trips, industry-related training and discussed Weebly (digital portfolio) accounts. These accounts will allow students to store their academic work, films, etc. on-line for later use during their Senior Portfolio Defense.

  • Summer Bridge program (June 24-July 8): Incoming GMS Magnet freshmen students participated in the two-week program to introduce them to our program and expectations in high school.  In addition to collaborative projects and two field trips, they also received video training and produced a short film as their culminating project. An additional four days for training on short films overlapped with the LA Satellite Summit.  

  • Alumni Accomplishments:  

  • Mae Catt is a staff writer for Hasbro, working on the “Transformer” series.  

  • Rebecca Tesarfreund is a Director of Current Programming at NBC Universal.  

  • Mike Manning is a producer, director and special effects supervisor.  He has his own production company, BME Films, and this year directed the short “Nano”, which has screened in various film festivals around the world.

  • Michael Mazzola is a writer and producer, and his documentary “Unacknowledged” was the #1 documentary on iTunes in 2017.

  • Ben Mitnick is an independent editor working on both scripted and reality-based television shows.  

  • Sonny Menga became Head of Editorial for Rodeo EFX in Montreal and Quebec.

  • Angelina French works at Lightstorm Entertainment, James Cameron’s Production Company.

  • Antonio Manriquez, former technical assistant for the Media Academy, now works for Apple Education.

  • Billimarie Robinson works for the Message Agency, creating websites.  She co-founded a nonprofit, CLASP, dedicated to prisoners’ rights.

  • Paul Pendarvis works as an editor, online magazine producer and assistant producer.

  • Emily Greene works as an editor for FX Networks.

  • Jose Bucio works as an editor for the Nerd Mastery YouTube channel.

  • Blake Bogosian works as an editor in San Francisco, and is also producing his independent film series, “100% Human”.  

  • Spencer Thompson works as a post-production assistant on “Better Call Saul”.  

  • Brenda Hernandez and Kevin Somoza produced a short, “Harold”.  Brenda also works as a graphics and webdesigner for Van Nuys Airport, and Kevin works for a popular YouTube channel.

  • Melissa Perez works as a production assistant for reality TV shows, including, “Big Brothers” and “American Ninja Warrior” and Buzzfeed, the online news and entertainment channel.



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