10th Grade Overview

Theme: Historical Awareness.


Semester A

Essential Question: “How does where we are from influence who we are?” Where our families come from influences where we live, what we do, and how we see the world.  Our ancestry influences us today in different ways that may or may not be obvious.  Because of that, each family has its own dynamics in how it lives, works, communicates, and loves.  For the Fall Semester collaborative assignment, students create a “Where I’m From” project, researching their own family history and communicating it via a multimedia presentation.  In History class they will research their family’s history, background, and experiences.  In English class, students utilized this research to write their “Where I’m From” poem about their family’s history and experiences.  The “Where I’m Am From” script was used for development of a multi-media project in their Video Production class.  Afterwards, students wrote a reflection essay on their experiences and what they learned from the collaborative project.

Semester B

The Essential Question for the collaborative project is, “How can my documentary project change people’s perceptions of a particular issue, and effect positive change in society?”  The “Fighting for Justice” documentary video project is on a current issue where students utilize the CHS Library several times for research through their World History class, outline the proposal and topic in their English class, then produce a documentary in their Video class. Students also get professional guidance during the video production phase and feedback post-production. All students then write a reflection essay for their World History class on what they learned during the whole process.


10th Grade Team

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English 10 Teacher

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World History Teacher

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Video DM Teacher


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