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Art / Animation Classes

Mr. Keady Brings a Love of Craft to His Classes


Kevin Keady heads the animation program at GMS Magnet, and brings his love of art and illustration to our program. Over the years he has helped many students go on to enjoy art-related careers and jobs within the animation and entertainment industry. Now Mr. Keady is in a partnership with Nickelodeon Animation, opening up even more opportunities for our GMS students.


Mr. Keady focuses on a foundation of traditional art and visual storytelling. His classes stick to traditional, two-dimensional animation using computers to film animations drawn on paper. Students will get an introduction to using Adobe Photoshop, with advanced students using software to draw story boards and create animation using Toon Boom Software. The future is in the hands of our students, and the key is unlocking their imagination.

Mr. Keady is also the advisor to our school's Animation Club, where students can unleash their creativity at lunch in his room.

Student Drawings and Illustrations
Student Animations
A Compilation of Student Animations
Graduation 2020 Animation
Mr. Keady's Illustrations and Cartoons