12th Grade Overview

Theme: Political and Economic Awareness


Semester A

The Driving Question was “What is Formalism and how is it illustrated in art, literature, and government?”  The GMS 12th Grade interdisciplinary Formalism Essay had students write an essay in their English class that defined formalism and explained how this concept applies in literature, film, art, and government using examples discussed in class, as well as Cleanth Brooks’ essay, “The Formalist Critics,” to clarify their introduction.  They needed to cite at least two examples from each work on Formalism they read in class to support their analysis. For their Government class, students identified examples of formalism in government that helped to advance our democracy and were incorporated into the essay. If the student was in Media class, they choose four crew positions and explained how they work together to help create a film as an example of Formalism.  If they were in the Art class, they studied how a painting is composed of its basic elements, or “the formal elements of art,” and how they pertain to formalism or formalist art theory to connect to the subject.

Semester B

he Driving Question was “How does self-image and knowing yourself contribute to the quality of life?”  Students wrote an interdisciplinary Portfolio Autobiography on who they are, their history, their motivations, and their dreams for the future.  For their Economics class, they studied the concept of the “self” and asked how our scarce resources in society should be allocated. If they were in the Art class, they picked three aspects of who they are as a person to draw in a five second animation.   If they were in Media class, they analyzed The Graduate and Whiplash where the characters are on a quest to define themselves.  Students incorporated this analysis with at least two examples from each movie into their


12th Grade Team

Elias Rodriguez

Government & Economics Teacher

Kate Papadopolus

English 12 Teacher

James Gleason

Video IM Teacher

Kevin Keady

Animation Teacher


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