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Reel Start is a non-profit that educates, inspires, and empowers youth to change their world through film. During the 2022-23 school year, our students are participating in an afterschool program that pairs them with industry professionals to create an animated film about a social issue of the students' choosing. Students learn every step of the production process. The 22-week program includes visits from 19 guest speakers, and a studio tour.


Nickelodeon has partnered with our GMS Video Production and Animation programs by providing us with  guest speakers, professional film sets, and even mentors. Our students use drawing tablets and computers donated by Nickelodeon, allowing them to access the latest two-dimensional animation programs from Toon Boom. They also have invited us to bring some of our most motivated animators on a tour of their studio (the virus temporarily paused our tours, but they will begin again the spring of 2023). 

Soundsnap has provided a free education account that allows our production students to access and use much of the Soundsnap sound effects and music library.

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Writer Duet

WriterDuet is industry-standard software used by more than 1 million screenwriters, TV shows and blockbusters. With WriterDuet, our students plan, write, and share scripts with their teachers and peers.

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