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11th Grade: About

Semester A

Project: Gothic Horror

The essential question is: “How do fear and the dark side of human nature overpower empathy, logic, and reason?” In their English class, students will write an original story that will later be turned into a horror movie or comic book.  In their U.S. History class, students will learn about the American events during the Victorian Era and the Industrial Revolution. In their video class, students will take the story they wrote in their English class and turn it into a five-minute Gothic Horror film. Each student will work on a marketing project to promote their film. In their art class students will turn the story they wrote in their English class into a Gothic Horror comic book. 

Semester B

Project: American Dream

The essential question for the second semester collaborative project asks: "Is the American Dream still alive?" In their English class, students read literature related to the concept of the American Dream. In their U.S. History class they complete an in-depth exploration of the Harlem Renaissance. In their Video class, groups create a culminating multimedia project on their vision and interpretation of the American Dream.  If they’re in Art class instead of Video, students create an animation piece that includes three generations of musical roots: The first modern artist / musician, and one artist / musician who inspired them, and one artist / musician who inspired them for a total of three people.

11th Grade Overview

Theme: Discover Your Dream

GMS 11th grade students are expected to complete collaborative semester projects that connect the ideas that they are studying in their English, American History, and Video / Art classes.  Students will improve their analytical skills through a rigorous Linked Learning approach, drawing connections between literary concepts, styles, and media itself, in order to create work that is current and relevant.  As they write, plan, design, edit, distribute and exhibit their work, they will learn about standards of professional performance and the protocols for success in a group-based environment.  They will also continue to develop the speaking, reading, writing and analytical skills they’ve learned during GMS classes and will continue to use in college and beyond. 

11th Grade Team

11th Grade: Team

Rebecca Burney

English 11 Teacher

Alex Segovia

U.S. History Teacher

Kevin Keady

Life Drawing Teacher

Meike Paniza

Video Production Teacher

Carmen McDaniel

Spanish Teacher

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