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GMS students produce a variety of media throughout the year, including about 33 episodes of KCAV, our weekly news broadcast. Students also create films in a variety of genres using industry-standard equipment. Below are examples of our student work.

Showcase: KCAV
Latest KCAV Episodes
KCAV 6/4/21
KCAV 5/28/21
KCAV 5-21-21
KCAV 5/14/21
KCAV 5-7-21
KCAV 4/30/2021
KCAV 4/23/21
KCAV 4/16/21
Stlll Photography
Still Photography

Students in Mr. Crossley's class were asked to demonstrate various aspects of design through photography in a project called "Focus of Attention."  The assignment is an exploration of not only how we take pictures, but entails analyzing and appreciating how art is experienced by others. The stunning photographs below are the results of this assignment.


Students in Mr. Keady's art class create animated films.