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School Organizations

At Cleveland Charter High School, there are plenty of organizations to join. Love sports? Join a team! Want to take pictures? Love Journalism? Are you a thespian? There is something for everyone at The Land!

Organizations: Services

Academic Decathlon

Academic Decathlon is an organization at school that learns about a different topic every year through Art, Economics, Literature, Music, Science, and Social Studies. Competitions consist of seven multiple choice tests, two performance events, and an essay.

ASB (Leadership) is a student organization that is established to govern finances, organize school wide activities, and represent the students.

The Band not only participates in various competitions, but provide their talent to school events such as sports games and pep rallies.

We have four choirs here at The Land. One of the goals as a program is to create a sense of belonging for every student that joins our choirs.

College Peer Counselors

College Peer Counselors are well-informed seniors who dedicate their time to helping their peers and underclassmen in their long and complicated journey to the next level of education after high school.

Welcome to a family of great, amazing, talented people where everyone is accepted with open arms. We explore the history of dramatic and musical theatre, the many methods of acting, improvisation, exercises to improve breathing and awareness and scenes and monologues.


The Ephebian society is an organization of selected seniors who strive to make Cleveland a better place.

'Same Time! Same Place! For your KCAV News!' This familiar slogan heard from every television across The Land signifies the ending of the popular Cavalier Broadcast. The remarkable student-led organization delivers information to the entire student body.

Le Sabre produces Cleveland High School's newspaper. The staff is made up of dedicated individuals that plan, write, edit, photograph and lay out the popular publication that produces 2,000 copies about six times a year. With every publication of Le Sabre, the goal of every article is to enlighten, entertain and spark conversation in The Land.

In a fusion of artistic, writing, and visionary skills, this group of talented students combine efforts to develop the yearbook Les Mémoires.

Knights & Ladies

Knights & Ladies is an elite community service organization known for their iconic red sweaters and their sense of responsibility and ambitions.

Senior Board dedicates hours of work to organize, manage, and publicize activities for all Seniors.

Stage Design

Behind every organized event, a group of qualified and skilled individuals are assembled to make a vision into reality.

Skills USA

Skills USA is a national organization that promotes professional development for students in middle school, high school and college

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