9th Grade Overview - Discover Your Story

Theme: The Hero's Journey

The Hero's Journey is a popular and common story structure used both in ancient myths and the most modern of movies. To embark on a Hero's Journey, one must overcome fear and cross the threshold into an unknown world. For incoming freshmen, starting high school is a great leap into the unknown. We are all the heroes of our own journeys, and we must all follow our hearts and use our intuition to guide us along the path that is meant for us. Discovering the path we feel compelled to take teaches us who we are, and what we are made of. All of us will be tested along the way--perhaps not the same way that Odysseus is when he faces a ferocious, six-headed monster on one side, and a deadly whirlpool on the other. As ninth graders, your first tests may simply be in making friends, tackling a difficult subject, or figuring out how to organize your notebooks!

Using the Hero's Journey as a template this year, we will explore stories that have shaped our society from ancient times to the present, and we will discover stories that challenge us to look at ourselves and the world around us in a new way. 

In our English class, we will read and discuss literature and non-fiction as it relates to the Hero's Journey. In our film and environmental studies classes, we will discuss how we as individuals, working together, can shape the stories of the present and the future to create the type of positive change the world so desperately needs.


Semester A

Semester B


9th Grade Team

Coleen Bondy

English 9 Teacher

Melissa Burns

Health Teacher / College & Career

James Gleason

Intro to Film Teacher

Matt Clutario

Environmental Studies Teacher


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