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Our Facility

The heart of our program is our two-story, 6,000-square-foot professional production and classroom facility. The Media Center houses a green screen studio, a control booth with a TriCaster multi-camera switcher, elaborate television sets donated by Nickelodeon, and plenty of space for computers and editing. Students have access to professional film editing software (Final Cut Pro X), Sony A7R Mark III and Canon EOS C300 advanced video cameras, as well as Canon XA35 and Canon 80D DSLRs, in addition to professional grip and lighting equipment, dollies, sliders, cranes, and hand-held stabilization devices.

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Magnet Mission

It All Starts Here

As a Communication Arts magnet, our students are challenged to discover themselves and their world by exploring global issues through the lens of social media, animation, history, literature, and film. Developing their strengths in a dynamic community of students, educators, professional mentors and international experts, GMS students discover potential paths for college and careers. With a special focus on careers in the animation and media industries, GMS ensures that students receive the best possible training through hands-on animation and video projects, collaborative classes, field trips, internships, and mentors from the communications industry. Our students learn to use their media skills for the good of their global community by engaging with students in other countries to explore and develop solutions to current social issues. Throughout their four years, GMS students reflect on their place in both the local community and the world and discover their potential as leaders for a new generation.

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Magnet Vision

GMS will develop global leaders who create transformative solutions for the social and environmental challenges of tomorrow. Our students experience an enriching program of study that addresses real-world issues through the development of relevant, hands-on collaborative media arts projects. Our students will become college and career ready, persuasive communicators, and equipped to effect positive change in their local community, and eventually, the world at large.

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More About Us

At GMS we set very high expectations for our students’ knowledge and abilities. Our students will be held accountable for meeting state and district content and performance standards in all A-G

courses. Additionally, students will develop the skills and intellectual capacities needed for success in the workplace, civic life, and in personal affairs, including the ability to:


  •  Meet A-G requirements through innovative and engaging project-based learning​

  • Manage many types of media/technology resources

  •  Communicate effectively through speaking and writing and the use of film

  •  Work well with others in a diverse population

  •  Master technological skills and systems to acquire and use information to solve problems

  •  Work with a variety of technologies and communication platforms

  •  Commit time and energy to improve their school, community, state and nation

  •  Collaborate with the community through community and business partnerships

  •  Work and collaborate with community groups and businesses

  •  Engage with the community through volunteer programs and community events

  •  Give our students the tools to compete in an interconnected and global economy

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