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Our Academic Program

The Global Media Studies (GMS) magnet is a four-year, project-based program focused on social justice themes and communication arts. GMS students are encouraged and supported as they explore the pressing issues facing the planet via their social studies, English, and media elective classes. In their hands-on elective classes, students learn to communicate their ideas through meaningful film and animation projects, which are featured in our biannual film and cultural festivals.


Specialized electives that support our program include: animation; film integrating art; video production levels I, II, and III; media technology; and television broadcast journalism (KCAV). Our well-rounded academic program prepares students for a four-year university, while also providing them with the technical skills required for high-paying careers in the media and arts industries. From script writing, to operating a camera, to proper lighting, directing and professional film editing, our students graduate with advanced skills they can, and do, put to immediate use in broadcast, film, and animation careers. 

GMS students not only produce a weekly television show that is broadcast throughout the school, but they also participate in local and international youth media summits that bring together aspiring student filmmakers from around the globe. GMS offers a rich educational experience incorporating collaborative projects, field trips, student internships, and industry professional mentors. Graduates of GMS are fully equipped to effect positive change locally and globally in fields including, but not limited to, animation, film, media, broadcasting, journalism, law, education, and politics.

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A-G Requirements

To ensure all LAUSD graduates have the option to enroll directly into a university and be prepared for a career, the District has implemented a College and Career Readiness through A-G initiative. LAUSD has aligned its graduation requirements with the California State University (CSU) A-G requirements, beginning with the graduating class of 2016. Students must earn a grade of "D" or better in "A-G" courses, and meet California Department of Education Requirements as well as satisfying additional LAUSD requirements for graduation. We are making the high school diploma a document that gives students the choice to transition straight into a college or into a career.

A (History/Social Science)

  • 1 Year World History

  • 1 Year U.S History

C (Mathematics)

  • 3 years of Mathematics

  • Validation applies

E (Language other than English)

  • 2 years

  • Validation rules apply

G (College Preparatory Elective)

  • 1 year

B (English)

  • 4 years of English

D (Laboratory Science)

  • 2 years

  • Validation applies

F (Visual & Performing Arts)

  • 1 year

Additional Requirements

  • Economics - 1 semester

  • Physical Education - 2 years

  • Health - 1 Semester

  • Service Learning

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