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Hands-On Learning

STN supports, promotes, and recognizes excellence in scholastic broadcast journalism, creative video, filmmaking, and media convergence. There is an annual Student Television Network convention where students from all across the nation gather to compete in various contests for four days.


Connecting with the World

International Youth Media Day is a world-wide celebration of youth art –filmmaking, photography, painting, spoken word, musical performances and screenings of our IYMS work across borders. Young people can imagine a dynamic, interconnected and vibrant future for the world.

Events: Programs
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Celebrating Diversity

There are forty-five different languages spoken on the Grover Cleveland Charter High School Campus. The Cultural Festival is a celebration of that very diversity through spoken word, dance, song and everyone’s favorite food.


Film Festival

Screening Hard Work

Our students spend their time in our program creating projects in all their classes. The film festival is the time where we showcase what they have done for the semester from comedy movies to public service announcements about serious topics, as well as some animations from our animation class here at Global Media Studies Magnet.We celebrate our young filmmakers & animators for their hard work creating their movies and animations.


Join Us

Middle School Students are invited to experience what the Global Media Studies (GMS) Magnet is all about. Students will work with professional film and editing equipment in our cutting edge Media Center to create powerful PSAs. Meet teachers, alumni, industry professionals, and current students. Start discovering your story

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A Transitional Program

GMS offers a Summer Bridge program for incoming freshmen who would like to be better prepared for their high school experience. Participants earn elective credits, take field trips, learn media and presentation skills, and get the inside scoop on what high school is really like. Students who attend Summer Bridge have higher attendance rates and overall grade point averages in their freshman year. And most importantly, they make new friends!


Growing Together

IYMS is an annual two-week event that brings together young people from different cultures to create media projects aimed at inspiring their own generation to take action and responsibility for the future. By confronting and examining global problems, and exploring solutions together, they are bound in a shared purpose. Working toward a common goal and being accountable for a concrete creative product within a limited time period provides the perfect "stew" for collaboration. During this often arduous process, youth create a model for a peaceful, yet dynamic, cooperative world community. Over the last ten years, more than 600 young delegates and their adult advisers representing 50 countries have participated in the IYMS. 


Join Us

With our Summer Bridge Program, students from Cleveland High School and students from around Los Angeles they work together to create seven public service announcements about different issues. A local version of the International Summit.

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